Four Ways to Learn

Which Training is Right for me?

HB NEXT delivers training in four ways to accommodate for individual preferences and needs.

In-Person Classroom Training:
(Standard face to face training in a classroom setting)

1. Public Classes – HB NEXT conducts Public classes for the most popular courses. They are open enrollment courses held at the HB NEXT Training Facility in Lawrenceville, Ga. Students can select from a list of our most popular courses which are scheduled on predetermined dates. This is a great option for individuals who need to need to receive training as well as companies who just have a few attendees.

2. Private Classes –These are privately scheduled classes for small or large groups. Any of our courses can be delivered in the form of a private class. The benefit of a private class is that a client can pick the date and location. Also, the per unit price is typically lower. They are priced in formats of: up to 10, up to 15, up to 20, etc. which makes them an excellent choice for anyone who has a large group, an inflexible schedule, is out of state, or needs training on the weekends. There is never a good day for Training, so ask about the Rainy Day reservation list to receive training when business postponed due to weather!

Online Virtual Training: (Online training in the HB NEXT U Virtual Classroom)

3. Live Webinar – With the advent of technology and the addition of the HB NEXT U Virtual Classroom, students can Request a Live Webinar Course. In a live webinar, an HB NEXT instructor guides students through a course in our Virtual Classroom. With a webcam, virtual whiteboards, and a chatroom, it is very similar to an in-person private class and courses are administered in the same fashion. Students can interact in several ways, and instructors can provide the answer to the entire class or to the individual student that asked the question. Plus the student, instructor and proctor (if required) are able to view each other through the web cam.

4. On-Demand – On-Demand classes are the most convenient way to get and or learn information. Based in the HB NEXT U Virtual Classroom, students can purchase a class and view the information from any browser based device. This self-guided study allows students to train at their own pace and on their own schedule. Once purchased, a student is able to take the course where and when they want. The interactive virtual courses include videos, informational slides, pictures, learning interactions and quizzes to keep the student actively involved and attentive.


Need Help?

To learn more about which training might be best or to schedule a course, contact us at:

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